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If you're looking for the Blue Star Mothers page, click here:

Otherwise: Since you're here, you must have requested a page from one of our family members who doesn't have a home page. Actually, only Jon Siegel has a personal home page, which you can surf to by clicking here. Or, if that's too much trouble, skip down a paragraph or two.

What's New?Sister-in-Law (in more ways than one!) Ann Wennerstrom recently received her Law Degree and is opening a law office in Seattle. We're helping with her website - - which you'll find here.

Who else could be here? We're the subset of Siegels descended from Louis A. Siegel and Frances Streitfeld Siegel. Louis picked the last name Siegel as he went through Ellis Island in the very early 1900s so we probably don't have many unknown Siegel relatives. (It wasn't his name in the "old country".) Streitfelds are another matter, since my grandmother Frances died when I was very young and we didn't get together with her side of the family after that. If you Googled this page looking for Streitfeld and you're related to Frances, send an email to streitfeld42 - at - if you're interested in getting together with some long-lost relatives.

There are some other Siegel relatives who might show up here in the future, but they're going to stay anonymous until they decide to post their own home pages.

Professional: Jon Siegel, Ph.D. Vice President, Technology Transfer, Object Management Group. I've been with OMG for about eleven years, all of them fun and enjoyable. "Technology Transfer" means "teaching", and I write web tutorials like this one, white papers for OMG, articles for magazines and trade papers, slide sets for the tutorials that I present, and books that you can buy at Here's my professional website.

Personal: When I'm not busy at work (and I'm healthy, and it's not wintertime), I bicycle around our country neighborhood to stay in shape. Regardless of the weather, I do some fancy cooking from time to time (ranging from sautés with wine-based sauces, using fresh herbs, to all-day smoked Texas-style barbecue), and maintain this website and others for my relatives as a hobby. I'm in remission from Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. I went through chemotherapy and lost my hair, so I don't look like the picture. Click through to my personal pages for more current pix of me with shorter hair and a smaller beard.